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Is it Writer's Block or Am I Expending Energy in all the Wrong Places

For the past six months, every word I type has been painful to pull out. It feels like I have an attention problem and that would explain quite a bit if only I'd had that issue all along.

I write a couple of sentences and that my mind wanders to the television program I have playing in the background or I scroll through facebook or twitter.

Some of you might be wondering why I'm watching television or on facebook while I'm writing anyway. Some of you might think it's a no-brainer just to shut them off while I'm working. The answer to your question is this: I dunno.

The minutes will fly by and before I know it, I'll have watched an entire episode of Oak Island or River Monsters. Or I'll know what's happening with every one of my facebook friends but I'll have two sentences on my current work in progress, which just so happens to be a Saint Lakes book. Saint Lakes is my most popular series by far and all my readers want the next book. Hell, I want th…