Human Instinct (Roguefalls #1)

If opposites attract, nothing is more opposite than a tough human soldier and an omega wolf shifter cook.

A human soldier and an omega wolf shifter find out they’re mates in a world where segregation between humans and paranormals is standard operating procedure.

Dylan Kole knows how to do one thing, and that’s to be a soldier in the human army. He doesn’t know how to fit in with a bunch of paranormal beings, and he certainly doesn’t know how to be a mate to Rudy Malone, the only omega wolf shifter on Roguefalls Island. One thing Dylan does have going for him is his ability to follow his instincts.


Donna said…
I'll read it on the day it comes out.
April Kelley said…
I hope you like it!
When will saint lakes 5 series come out?

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