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Human Instinct (Roguefalls #1)

If opposites attract, nothing is more opposite than a tough human soldier and an omega wolf shifter cook.

A human soldier and an omega wolf shifter find out they’re mates in a world where segregation between humans and paranormals is standard operating procedure.

Dylan Kole knows how to do one thing, and that’s to be a soldier in the human army. He doesn’t know how to fit in with a bunch of paranormal beings, and he certainly doesn’t know how to be a mate to Rudy Malone, the only omega wolf shifter on Roguefalls Island. One thing Dylan does have going for him is his ability to follow his instincts.
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Throwback Thursday

What happens when the love of your life comes walking into a party?
Robyn Heath has made a pretty good life for himself away from Pickleville. He loves his job as a paramedic, has a best friend who he adores who also happens to be his partner at work, and he even gets laid every once in a while. Life couldn’t be better. Until the man who broke his heart comes back into town. Caden Flynn has been gone for a long time. Five years fighting for his country has taken its toll and changed him in some fundamental ways. One thing he wants more than anything is to right the wrongs he’s caused Robyn. Robyn proves to have a very stubborn heart.
ExcerptHe sat on a lawn chair in the back yard next to Kyler, who was talking about this car he had worked on last week when Caden walked around the corner with Brad. He held his breath and felt the love for Caden all over again as if the last five years of his life never happened. Robyn knew two things to be true the second he visibly saw Caden for the first…