Available Tomorrow (March 10, 2017)- Where We Are (Saint Lakes #4)

Forrest Somerset’s mate is turning out to be a lot of work. First, Angel Emery rejects him, and then he wakes Forrest up in the middle of the night just to say he’s going to the vampire council to turn himself in. Angel might have done some bad things in his past that he’ll need to make amends for but Forrest isn’t about the let Angel go alone. Angel needs a savior and Forrest is taking over the job whether his mate likes it or not. Angel might think he can dictate Forrest’s life, but he doesn’t realize just how creative Forrest can be when angry. Just as soon as Forrest catches up with Angel, he’s going to find out.


Forrest lay down on the cement floor of a small shed. Luckily for Forrest, the shed had seen better days because a piece of the wooden siding had a break in it, which left a small hole for Forrest to see out.
Angel looked around as if he were carefully observing his surroundings. He narrowed his eyes, looking pissed off.
He also looked like that best thing Forrest had ever seen.
"Little cat," Angel whispered, and if it weren't for Forrest's excellent hearing ability, he wouldn't have heard him. "I'd recognize your scent anywhere."
Angel blinked, and his eyes changed from brown to blue, just as they did every other time they were together. He looked like that of his namesake if such things existed. An angel warrior sent down to avenge from heaven. His mate looked formidable and sexy all at the same time.
Forrest shuffled around, shaking his butt when an overwhelming urge to pounce took over his body.  And then Angel whispered, "I am not happy you followed me, Forrest Somerset. Not happy at all."
Forrest settled again and put his head on his paws.
"Come out from wherever you're hiding, baby. I need to see for myself that you're okay."
The contrast of everything Angel just said was confusing. Angel not being happy with him hurt a part of his heart. At the same time, the endearment and the obvious affection in Angel's voice made Forrest want to obey.
All he wanted was to be content with his mate. If he could just have that one thing, he'd give up everything else.
Angel looked like he was about to say something else but then a man came out of the house. The man looked like Angel enough that Forrest understood he was the brother. Where Angel's hair was long, the brother kept his darker hair short.
The brother held the hand of a boy who was so swaddled in warm clothes he looked like he had trouble moving. The only part of the child exposed to the elements was his face.
When a pregnant black woman opened the front door and held out a scarf, Forrest could tell the woman was the child's mother because the boy had her caramel-colored skin tone.
"You forgot his scarf, Kane."
Angel laughed. "Seriously. The kid can barely move as it is, Hazel. He's probably sweating underneath all that."
The woman narrowed her eyes and pointed at Angel. "Don't push your luck, boy. You're still on my short list." Based on the way she said the word short, Forrest could tell she used it as a replacement for the word shit for the child's sake.
Angel held up his hands as if he were under arrest. "Fine. But this isn't Antarctica."
"Shut up."
The boy started to chant, "Shut up."
Hazel sighed in frustration, her eyebrows lifting, and she pointed to the kid. "That right there...is your fault. And why the hell do I smell a cat?"
"My mate is nearby."
"Why isn't he introducing himself?"
"Because he's pissed off at me. And for the record, I'm mad at him too." Angel looked around, clearly searching for Forrest. And then Angel rubbed his chest with the palm of his hand. "We need to talk things out, come to some understanding."
"What did you do, Angel?" Kane was the one who asked that question.
"What makes you think it was me?"
"I raised you, so I know you better than anyone."
Angel sighed. "I wouldn't bond with him. That's what started everything. But I have a good reason, and Forrest knows it."


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