Throwback Thursday #Lakehousesecurity

It's been almost two years since Sudden Love (Lakehouse Security #1) was released. Demon Elite is a spin-off of this series. You can start at the beginning and read Sudden Love for free if you get it from eXtasy Books. Just click on the link below.


Xander Newell isn’t the one nightstand type of guy. He wants a commitment with someone who is willing to put up with his crazy family and being away on the job sometimes. Finding someone who is willing to put up his brothers, who he lives and works with on a daily basis is hard to find. Still Xander’s not willing to compromise.

Xander gets called off bodyguard duty to investigate this religious cult that may be tied to some kidnappings of young men. He finds Aaron Keller, one of the missing young men. What he doesn’t expect is the instant attraction and longing for the man. Xander just wants to keep Aaron safe, even if that means backing off. 


     Xander saw a break in the foliage and followed the trail further into the forest, away from the compound. Anyone with half a brain could see which direction the person had taken. The person wasn’t exactly subtly walking through the woods. Xander picked up a piece of cotton material like the kind his own t-shirt was made out of. He ran a hand over his own black shirt, and then the piece of material he held in his hand. It was stained with dirt and what looked like blood. He brought it to his nose and immediately turned away from it. Okay, maybe it was human waste and body odor instead. He held on to the material and kept walking in the direction he thought they had gone.
     Xander stopped and looked at a track in the fallen leaves. He started up again and kept walking for two hours, stopping every now and then to check for tracks. Ryan was behind him, being his eyes, keeping his back safe. Although Xander thought it was completely unnecessary as the forest wasn’t patrolled on a regular basis by anyone, Ryan was doing a good job nonetheless.
      Xander sucked in a breath when he saw white skin amongst the brown leaves and green foliage, so completely out of place. Xander walked up to the person slowly, holding his gun to the side, ready to raise it if the person became a threat. Aaron Keller lay on the ground, seemingly unconscious.       Xander put his gun back in its holster. He watched as Ryan knelt down, checking for a pulse at Aaron’s neck. If Ryan was shocked by the kid’s appearance, he didn’t show it. Quiet as ever. Ryan nodded to him and stood up, waiting for Xander’s instruction.
     Aaron looked thin, malnourished, as if he had been living like an underfed animal for the past few months or something. “What the hell happened to you?” Xander whispered out loud, as he squatted down, trailing a finger along Aaron’s forehead.
     Aaron sat up with a start, giving him a wide-eyed look that spoke more about how scared he was than anything else. He started backing away from Xander as if he were backwards crawling.
     “We’re not going to hurt you, man,” Xander said and held his hands palms out. “I’m Xander and this is my Brother, Ryan,” he gestured with his hand in Ryan’s direction. “I’m here to take you to a safe place.”
     Aaron suddenly got up and started running. “Shit.” Xander ran after him, Ryan right behind him. He just about had him when Aaron tripped over a log and would have fallen on his face if Xander hadn’t caught him around the middle. Xander pulled Aaron against his body. Aaron was so thin Xander could feel his ribs against his arm. Xander loosened his hold and Aaron immediately started to struggle. Xander brought his other arm around Aaron’s chest, holding him as loosely as possible so that he wouldn’t hurt Aaron.
      “We’re the good guys,” Xander said. 


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