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(Please note, the following scene is large unedited so there could be minor errors)

As coven leaders went, Nicolono was considered young. Angel wasn't sure what his exact age was but he knew Nicolono was nearing two hundred years old, which made Angel's own forty-five years of living on the earth feel like just a drop on the timeline of living.
One of the reasons he chose the coven was because he thought Nicolono's younger age gave him a modern outlook, which was important to Angel because he was gay. Some of the older vampire leaders took issue with a coven member being gay. They clung to the old ways of thinking. The wolf shifter Alpha in his old village might have been accepting of all paranormals joining his clan but not the gay ones, which was why Angel had left in the first place.
Angel had been right about Nicolono being accepting. Unfortunately, that's where Nicolono's leadership skills ended.

Nicolono might be older than Angel by a great many years but he looked younger. He was an attractive man and Angel suspected Nicolono had used his looks and his body to rise up in ranks.


Donna said…
This is from the Saint Lakes series. I just recently read this series. I really enjoyed the series so far. I want Vaughn's story, he cracks me up.
Donna Mayer
Cathy Minnix said…
Ohh, I agree. Want Vaughan's story, too. I hope his mate is Damian.

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