2016 in Review – Demon Elite

2016 in Review – Demon Elite
First of all, let me just say how grateful I am for all my wonderful readers. I had a great time writing story for you all this year!

Demon Elite Series

The Demon Elite series has nine books total, eight of which came out in 2016. The last one will be released on January 13th, 2017. I’ll be talking about this book in future post so be sure to look for that.

In the first book, Crash Morgan falls for the criminal, which causes him all kinds of problems, including potentially losing his job on the Demon Elite team.

In the second book, Webb has to save a feisty little redhead named Liam. Liam is not so sure Webb is trustworthy and he’s not scared to let Webb know it. Poor Webb has a crushed pride before the dust settles between them.

Cosmo is great at getting into any locked door. When he’s assigned to break into his biggest crush’s home, he’s just a little too happy about it. Too bad Derek Kyle, the crush, thinks Cosmo is a criminal in need of some jail time.

Tanner & Shade have been in a relationship for two years. When they both find themselves attracted to Finn, they aren’t sure if their relationship can withstand sweet Finn’s attention.

Ash has done something he’s not proud of and becoming the top torturer for the government is one of them. When he finds out Iain, the brother of a teammate, is captured and tortured, rescuing him because a mission of redemption. He doesn’t expect to fall for the man.

Germ is the resident computer geek and a bit of clown most of the time. Both of those things mask his awkwardness. When he finds himself attracted to Reggie Mize, computers and comedy don’t seem to work on him. Germ has to find a way to get past his shortcomings to win the man over.

Max is a very attractive man who has no trouble getting men to pay attention to him. He’s never fallen for anyone before, but all that is about to change when he’s assigned the task of flirting with Sydney Marshall to get information out of him. Falling for a man he’s going to put in jail isn’t exactly a smart move.

Credo (Creed) is the best protector in the country. Part of the reason why is because he’ll go to any lengths to keep someone safe. When Morgen “Twiggy” Pines, a drugged out informant needs his protection, Creed even hides him from his team. What he doesn’t expect is to like Morgen. When his feelings start getting in the way of his protection duties Creed has to reevaluate things.

Keep an eye out for more about Webb, including exclusive excerpts!

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Anonymous said…
Hi April,
Love there series, are you going to give Axel a book?
April Kelley said…
Thank you so much for reading. I plan on continuing the series later at some point later this year.

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