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The man growled and showed his teeth to Kailu in such a way that didn’t look friendly at all, and Kailu tried to take a step away, but an arm snaked around his waist again, pulling him close. The stranger stuck his nose right in the crook of Kailu’s neck. Kailu could feel him pull air in through his nose in several short drags. He growled out a word that sounded like, “Mine,” but his voice had deepened so much the words just weren’t clear enough.
The beard tickled Kailu’s neck, but instead of pulling away from the sensation, he wanted more of it, so he tilted his head to the side, giving the man more room.
“Where did you come from?” the man asked as he pulled back. 
Kailu’s breath hitched in his throat when he realized a light glowed around the man’s body. Seeing that meant the stranger was his mate and that explained why he liked the man’s touch so much. He blinked again, making sure it wasn’t an illusion.
His mate was really standing in front of him, and he was big, which made Kailu want to climb the man like a tree and run, screaming for home, all at the same time.
“I…um…I...I-I’m sorry. We didn’t know how far out we’d gone.” Kailu turned to look for his brothers. He saw them both, hiding behind a tree. 
“How the hell did you get way out here in the middle of nowhere?” the man asked.
Kailu could ask him the same thing. Instead of being a smart ass and getting the shit kicked out of him, he answered the question. “My village isn’t far from here. My brother’s and I were out looking for a Yule tree.”
“I believe some humans call it Christmas. Elves have been around long before Christmas, so we still call it Yule. What do you call it?” And he was rambling like a scared toad. He needed to shut up already.
“I don’t call it anything.” The man turned abruptly, letting go of Kailu in such a way that had him stumbling a bit. Then his mate grabbed his arm and started pulling Kailu down the path in the opposite direction of his village.

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