Men of Demon Elite - Max

Maxwell Shaw has it pretty easy when it comes to getting laid. He’s never wanted a relationship and likes his one-night stands just fine. It’s no wonder given the fact that his parents divorced when he was a young age. His dad remarried his step-father, who turned out to be the best person in Max’s life, which did give him so hope that he was capable of a relationship, not that he wanted one or anything. At least not until he was assigned to flirt with Sydney Marshall.

Sydney Marshall has never had an easy life. In and out of foster care homes, he becomes a hitman by mistake after taking out his neighbor’s pimps. Becoming the best one in the Chicago area certainly has it’s perks. Of course, it also has it’s down side when a vicious sex slave trafficker is pinning murders on him that he never committed. And then Demon Elite seems to want him in jail. The only person he might be able to trust is the one person that could probably put him there.


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