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Morgen “Twiggy” Pines has had drugs on his mind for all of his adult life, but that all changes when he meets Creed.
Morgen’s addiction has led him into some sticky situations in the past. When he’s kidnapped and two hairs away from being a sex slave for the rest of his life, even an addict like him knows it’s time for a change. Lucky for him, he finds help in the most unlikely places.
Creed’s only job is to keep Morgen safe. He’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means keeping his whereabouts secret from his team. What he shouldn’t do is fall for Morgen, but that’s exactly what happens.

   Twiggy turned and started walking in the direction they had just come from. He’d walk to Chicago if he had to. He started running when he felt Creed behind him. Somehow, he thought he’d get away from Creed. Maybe if he ran fast enough, he’d escape right into the drugs he needed. It would have been possible if Creed hadn’t wrapped his arms around Twiggy, taking them both to the ground when he did. Twiggy ended up on his ass, his back to Creed’s front. His body stiffened, and he tried to get away from Creed, but the man wouldn’t let him go. Twiggy yelled at the top of his lungs, letting all his emotions out with that one gigantic scream, as if he were a child again. “Let me go!” The last word he yelled out just a bit louder than the rest, letting the vowel at the end stretch out, trying to give it more meaning. Twiggy coughed halfway through his yell and his body gave out a bit. He breathed heavily, panting from the exertion he’d expended from his tantrum. “Please. Just let me go. I can’t. Don’t you see? I can’t do it.”
   “What can’t you do?”
   He thought he was going to say he couldn’t go without the drugs. He thought he’d explain how much he needed them and that maybe Creed would understand that somehow. His answer was his chance at going back to Chicago. Instead, the words that came out of his mouth came from someone else. They didn’t come from Twiggy. They came from Morgen, and with the words came the truth. “I can’t live like this anymore.”
   Twiggy sagged against Creed, his head against the man’s shoulder. Creed held the water bottle up in front of his face, silently asking him to take it, which he finally did. “Take a drink and spit.”
Twiggy did, putting the bottle up to his lips and then spit between their open legs.
   “Good. Now do it again.”
   Twiggy complied. And then he let Creed wipe his mouth with one of Creed’s magically appearing cloths.
   “You want out from under the addiction, Morgen?”
   Twiggy’s chin wobbled as he nodded. “Yeah.” It was the truth. Even though not having the drugs scared him so bad he shook, he couldn’t deny it anymore.
   “You’ll trust me. Understand?”
   Twiggy wiped the tears from his face. The tightness of his chest decreased and Twiggy took a deep breath, allowing the air to dig into his bones. “Yeah.”
   “Right now, all you have to do is get through the next minute.” Creed’s voice was deep and whispered across the top of his head. “So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to get up and go back to the truck. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. We’re not going to worry about what comes next until we’re in the moment. Understand?”

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Phoenix Hell said…
Who's the cover model?
April Kelley said…
He's just a stock cover model i think :-)

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