The Demon Elite Men - Germ

 Jeremy "Germ" Russell has always been better at interacting with people virtually rather than face-to-face. He's smart in most things but be excels with computers. The Demon Elite team relies on him a lot because he's the resident geek. He's a little awkward when it comes to flirting, especially with Reggie Mize, who he finds extremely attractive.

Reggie Mize has had a bad family life. Being raised by a psychopath for a father, who has always found his small stature and lack of athletic ability lacking. When his sister, Victoria, uses him to gain sex slave clientele and then tries to sell him to the highest bidder, he's at the lowest he's ever been. He's rescued by strangers, who he doesn't trust at first. He wants to trust Germ, though. His just not sure if he can.


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