Flipped One Bundle: Less Than a Day and In This Life & Beyond

So Bronwyn Heeley and I did that thing we do again. It seems all we have to do is talk and a story idea pops into one of our heads. This time the discussion was the solstice and that lead to the Wheel of the Year.

How we managed to even start a conversation about this, I have no clue. However it happened it lead to us writing a book together. Another BonyDee Press Challenge.

This one is called Flipped. We called it that because we're exactly opposite of each other in terms of the Wheel of the Year. November 2nd marks Samhain for me and for her it marks Beltane, as I'm in the U.S. and she's in Australia.

Flipped 1 Bundle: Less Than a Day and In This Life & Beyond
Coming October 31st, 2016 to Amazon

Less Than a Day
The door between the Upperworld and Otherworld only opens twice a year. Samhain marks one of those days and even though Talli’s Oberon forbids him from leaving the Otherworld, Talli walks right through the door. Talli has never seen a real human before. Once he gets a glimpse and experiences a bit of what the Upperworld has to offer he fully intends to go back to his friends and the library he loves so much. That is, until the first human he sees just so happens to be his soulmate.

In This Life & Beyond
Sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to be more than history claims you can be

Beltane is a special time of year, the beginning of summer where the festival of the Great Rite of sexual union between Goddess and Gods is celebrated. And that’s exactly what Ashley needs in order to collect what he’s always wanted.

A fairy, werewolf and vampire walk into a bar, they walk out soul bound to a witch, who happens to be so much more…

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