#MySexySaturday - Sexy Rising

Max doesn’t consider himself fearful of relationships, he just doesn’t want to commit to the wrong man, and Sydney Marshall couldn’t be more wrong.

Love and relationships aren't exactly on Maxwell Shaw’s to-do-list. Give him a few drinks and a one night stand any day of the week. When his boss assigns him the task of flirting with Sydney Marshall online to gain information, Max knows he’s perfect for the job. The job is one of the easiest he’s ever been given. Max finds out very quickly that nothing about Sydney is easy. That becomes even more apparent when Sydney asks Max to meet him. From that moment on, Max is smitten. Not only is Max in over his head in the love department, but it’s with a man whose either bound for death or prison.



“Stop staring.” The way Sydney’s lips turned up in the slightest way told of his amusement.

Max wasn’t in a teasing mood, so he decided to go with the direct approach. “It’s movie night in an hour. Want to watch with me?”

Sydney opened his eyes, turning his head to look at Max. “You’re asking me to watch a movie.”

“No. I’m asking if I can hold you while I pretend I can actually focus on some mindless entertainment. I can’t focus on anything, not after I just left my dad in the loony ward. Again.”

Sydney’s brows furrowed, as if Max’s words upset him somehow. He nodded his head and got out of the truck immediately. Max did the same, pocketing his keys even as Sydney came around to his side of the vehicle and waited. Max instantly took his hand, lacing their fingers together as they walked into the kitchen.

Max was not surprised when he saw Reggie making popcorn. The little guy was always in the kitchen. Germ sat on the counter for about two seconds until he saw Sydney’s face and recognition hit. Germ had been the one who brought Sydney’s situation to light in the first place, and he was geeky enough with a computer to look Sydney up easily, so he had seen more than one photo.

Max watched as Germ moved in front of Reggie. “What the fuck is he doing here?”


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