#MySexySaturday - My Sexy Soul Mate

What better way to celebrate soulmates than with a shifter story. In my Saint Lakes series, each man is given a mate. In Right Side Up (Saint Lakes #3), Gabriel, a wolf shifter on a mission for his alpha, finds the person he's fated to be with. The only problem: He doesn't want a mate.

Shawn Bell doesn’t have a clue how his life has spiraled so far out of control. Going from fun college student to having a wolf shifter for a mate, changes his life forever. He put himself in the middle of a war between vampires and shifters. It wouldn’t be so bad if he had a mate that wanted him. 

Gabriel Somerset wants a mate about as much as he wants to investigate a vampire coven for his alpha, which is not at all. He makes his feelings very clear to Shawn, expecting his human mate to accept the fact that they’ll never bond with each other. One thing Gabriel learns about Shawn is that he isn’t the accepting type. 


Shawn sighed and felt that ache in his chest regenerate at the thought of being away from Gabriel. Shawn turned away, starting back into the house. “I’ll be out first thing in the morning.”
He let out a little scream when he heard Gabriel growl and felt an arm come around his waist. “You will not leave me,” Gabriel whispered against his ear. And Shawn gasped at the sensation. He closed his eyes and let himself feel Gabriel’s body as it pressed against his own. He wanted to surrender to him. He’d give in if he could just feel all that body heat and those hard muscles against him for the rest of his life, but Gabriel would pull away. He’d come to his senses eventually.
“You don’t want me, so what do you care?” Shawn felt that hard cock against his ass and brought his hand up, gripping the back of Gabriel’s head in an attempt to keep feeling that. When Gabriel rubbed it against him, purposely teasing, Shawn whimpered. It was the closest they had ever been to each other and Shawn wanted so much more.
“And this is where I go in and make something to eat. I’m starving,” Angel said and left them alone. Shawn nearly forgot about him, and his voice was like gunfire in the dark, making him jump and press himself against Gabriel for protection.
Shawn’s attention refocused when breath fanned across his skin, lifting a few strands of hair. Every brain cell in his body moved to his cock when Gabriel pressed his lips against the back of his neck. It just figured that Gabriel would find the one spot that drove him the craziest. It was as if the man knew all of Shawn’s buttons and pressed the ones he needed the most in any given situation.
“Now, tell me I don’t want you,” Gabriel whispered against his skin. A tongue licked at the spot where Gabriel’s lips had just been.
“Why do you act like you don’t want me then?” Shawn had to ask. That question burned like fire in his gut, leaving Shawn just a little raw in the middle.


Liv Rancourt said…
Gabriel might be pushing Shawn's buttons...and he's kinda pushing mine, too. Nice!

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