Max (Demon Elite #7) Available Now!


Max doesn’t consider himself fearful of relationships, he just doesn’t want to commit to the wrong man, and Sydney Marshall couldn’t be more wrong.

 Love and relationships aren't exactly on Maxwell Shaw’s to-do-list. Give him a few drinks and a one night stand any day of the week. When his boss assigns him the task of flirting with Sydney Marshall online to gain information, Max knows he’s perfect for the job. The job is one of the easiest he’s ever been given. Max finds out very quickly that nothing about Sydney is easy. That becomes even more apparent when Sydney asks Max to meet him. From that moment on, Max is smitten. Not only is Max in over his head in the love department, but it’s with a man whose either bound for death or prison.


Laurie Nourse said…
You used my Dad's name, even spelled the same, love it.
Laurie Nourse said…
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