Max (Demon Elite #8) - Excerpt


Max doesn’t consider himself fearful of relationships, he just doesn’t want to commit to the wrong man, and Sydney Marshall couldn’t be more wrong.

 Love and relationships aren't exactly on Maxwell Shaw’s to-do-list. Give him a few drinks and a one night stand any day of the week. When his boss assigns him the task of flirting with Sydney Marshall online to gain information, Max knows he’s perfect for the job. The job is one of the easiest he’s ever been given. Max finds out very quickly that nothing about Sydney is easy. That becomes even more apparent when Sydney asks Max to meet him. From that moment on, Max is smitten. Not only is Max in over his head in the love department, but it’s with a man whose either bound for death or prison.

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  The second bad decision of the day was pulling up in front of the Lakehouse Security mansion in a stolen car. Two in one day wasn’t exactly a record, but it wasn’t good news, either.
Sydney took a deep breath and got out of the car. He noticed the cameras in the corners of the building and knew the people inside were already aware of his presence. Sydney grinned and waved, then knocked on the door.
  While he didn’t expect to receive a warm welcome, he never expected so many guns being pointed at him so quickly. They came around the sides of the house all big and menacing, their guns at the ready. Sydney just about wet himself, not that he’d show that to these guys. Instead, he grinned and raised his hands. “Where’s the love, huh?”
  No one said a word, which was a good thing, really. Sydney already knew how the next few minutes would play out, and he wanted to delay the ass-kicking for as long as possible. The front door opened, and a man stood there staring at him. He was the scariest one of them all. His lack of fear said that this guy was the one in control. “What do you want?” Even as the man spoke, he nodded his head, looking at one of the guys to Sydney’s left.
  Sydney felt someone behind him and knew what was coming, so he put his arms behind his back and let the man cuff him. “I need to talk to Max.” Sydney should have just called the man, but he had panicked and the thought hadn’t occurred to him.
  Sydney clamped his lips shut and gave the man a defiant look. “Max knows why.”
  The man nodded and Sydney was led into the house.
  “Someone get Max here,” the man demanded.
  “He’s gonna be pissed, boss.”
  The man sighed. “I know.” The man looked at Sydney, eyeing him critically. “Send Ash into my office.”

  Sydney didn’t know who Ash was or what he had to do with Max, but he wasn’t talking to any of them.


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