Less Than a Day (Flipped 1) An Excerpt

As his human drew closer, Talli realize all the books’ pictures of human’s he had seen didn’t do human’s justice. Never once had they depicted a man so big, with eyes so blue he looked like he had elf’s blood in his lineage somewhere. And they certainly didn’t have so many muscles. What a handsome face the man had too. The horse looking at him from over his human’s shoulder just made him even more attractive somehow. Maybe it was the fact that his anam cara could not only control but clearly befriend such a big, powerful creature like the one behind him.
He wanted to reach out and touch the man. Just his cheek would be enough. He wasn’t so sure his touch would be welcome, though. Not with the way his human frowned.
Talli didn’t know what to say or if he should even move, so he stood in the corner of the animal cage, his body tense, holding himself like a statue. “Hello,” he whispered.
The man’s mouth opened and closed, as if he wanted to say something but the words wouldn’t come. Finally, he said, “What the fuck are you supposed to be?”
Talli winced at the harsh tone. “I’m from the Otherworld,” he said tentatively.
The man started to reach out, but Talli winced again. The hand fell away. “Hey, I’m not going to hurt you. Just startled me that some stranger was on my property.” His human ran a hand down his face. “I suppose Wyatt is gonna blame me for this too,” He mumbled under his breath.
The horse nudged him on his shoulder and he stumbled forward, catching himself with a hand on the wall next to Talli’s head. Their faces were inches from each other. Talli couldn’t help but look at the man’s full lips. His anam cara smirked, clearly understanding just what Talli wanted but still he didn’t make a move to kiss him.
“If you’re going to a Halloween party you took a wrong turn, honey. A massive wrong turn, because there’s no party here,” his anam cara said instead.
“A party?”
The man searched his face, taking a long time to study his eyes. “Your costume is amazing,” the man said to him softly.
“Costume?” Never in Talli’s life had he felt like something strange but the human in front of him, who looked at him as if he were a creature, rather than something normal, certainly made him feel that way.
The man reached out a hand and touched the tip of Talli’s ear. “Hmm, those feel real.”
Talli’s face burned with embarrassment. “That’s not something…”
The man tugged on his ear and Talli jerked back when he caused him pain, hitting his head against the wall. “Ouch!”
“Sorry, honey.” The man rubbed at the back of Talli’s head, taking away some of the sting. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. Got those ears glued on a little too tight, don’t you?”
“My ears are not glued on,” Talli reprimanded, frowning.


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