In This Life & Beyond (Flipped 1) by Bronwyn Heeley - An Excerpt

The room Ashley woke up in wasn’t the one he’d left. Sitting up quickly, he looked around. He knew the room down to the tips of his toes and even though he wanted to be here always, he knew it wasn’t something he got to have. Not yet. Not unless he was able to keep the guys from hating him too much.
“What have you done my pretty,” Siah murmured.
“Nothing.” He was lying and he knew it. His lover knew it.
Fingers brushed up against his face, lingering on his flesh, heating him up in a way only his lover could.
Ashley’s whole body buzzed, his toes tingled, and all he wanted to do was strip naked, get dirty with his lover. Because it was close to Beltane, he was able to. It wouldn’t be quite like the day but close enough that Ashley could feel and taste him. His shout of excitement sounded more suited to a high schooler who’d just seen their favourite singer peeing in the same room as them. He launched himself at his mate. His lover. His everything. Nothing else mattered but the demon. Nothing in a long line of things even came close.
Siah chuckled, his own arms coming around Ashley’s, holding him close, just as chuffed. A kiss graced his lip. A tongue plunged deep for a quick taste. It had been six months since the last time they had been so close, which had been Samhain. Six months and though kisses and touches were nice, their eyes needed to feed too. Needed to take in everything.
“What have you done?” Siah’s smile was the same as Ashley’s, filled with a joy they always had for each other when the time came they’d be able to see each other again. Long distance relationships were difficult. It was even harder since his lover was in the underworld where there was no wifi or Skype. When he was only able to see his lover for a week or so twice a year. It just wasn’t enough.
“You are so beautiful,” Siah spoke softly as his fingers lingered against Ashley’s flesh, a light kiss coming in and brushing against his lips. It was what he always said, and every time it melted Ashley into the ground.
The wind wound around them, bringing them closer together as it tickled up Ashley’s body, telling him something was wrong, something was different.

 “Gods, I missed you,” Ashley breathed, his heart ached. Not only because they could only be together twice a year, but also because, when they were together it was only for a moment of time. No matter how hard he tried to put the ache aside and just live in the moment, the fact remained their time together was only briefly. So brief.



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