Throwback Thursday - A Tarnished Strength (Pickleville #4)

Very soon this book will be available in Print so make sure you check that out!


Violence has always solved most of his problems, but it can’t help him win over a man whose whole life is surrounded by things that scare him.

Brad Flynn had a rough start to life. With an abusive father and an addiction problem, his life hasn’t been easy. He has always been the resident bad ass and the town drunk. Even when he gets sober and becomes an upstanding member of the community it doesn’t seem to change the towns mind about him. If it weren’t for his two brothers he would have no one.

His past doesn’t make having a love life easy either, but when he meets Kendrick Ashby, the local bar own, he wants to give it a try. The only problem is Kendrick has his own problems, ones that make having a violent boyfriend impossible. Both have to decide if dating is even worth a try.

   Kendrick instinctively went to Brad, practically running across the room. The second Brad noticed him coming forward his arms went out and he smiled as if Kendrick was the best thing he had ever seen. Kendrick sat down on his lap and cuddled in close. He knew everyone in the room was watching him and it made him nervous. He turned his face into Brad’s neck, hiding away like an ostrich.
   “Did you have a good nap?” Brad whispered in his ear.
   Kendrick nodded his head.
   “Do you need anything?”
   “No. Just this.”
   “Let me introduce you to my youngest brother.” Kendrick nodded but didn’t move. Brad chuckled.      “You’re not awake yet.”
   “I’m just nervous. Scared. Like always.”
   “Whenever you’re ready.” Brad’s hand, rubbing gentle circles on his back, soothed him.
   It was a few minutes before he was able to come out of his little hole. He lifted his head and looked at Brad. “Hi,” he said and smiled.
   “Hi.” Brad leaned forward and kissed Kendrick. Kendrick melted into Brad once again but this time for a different reason. When Brad deepened the kiss, tasting the inside of Kendrick’s mouth with his tongue, Kendrick moaned.
   “Oh my God. Is this really happening? My eyes. They’re burning,” One of the brothers said.
   Brad broke off the kiss. “Shut up, Caden,” he scolded, not taking his eyes off of Kendrick.
   “But it’s like watching monkeys fornicate. You don’t want to look, but you can’t help it. They’re in the wild so it’s a once in a lifetime thing. I’ve never seen you actually get all hot and bothered for someone. I have mixed emotions, Bradley. I really do,” Caden said. It was clear from his tone that he was teasing Brad. 


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