Throwback Thursday - Repeating Love (Lakehouse Security #6)

This is the book that ended the Lakehouse Security series and started Demon Elite.

What happens when a porn star and a grumpy bodyguard get stuck together?
Damon Shield used to be a party boy. That was before he got kidnapped by a weird cult, though. Even though he was rescued, he’s been in a funk ever since. When he starts getting texts from his kidnapper, he doesn’t tell anyone, especially not his very sexy bodyguard. He knows he screwed up and made the man a target somehow.

Mikkel Alvarez met the love of his life when he was still a young guy barely out of basic training. His lover died serving his country and he still isn’t ready to move on with his romantic life, even though several years have passed. Damon has been the first man since his lover passed to get under Mikkel’s skin. Not that he’s going to do anything about it.


“Are you packed?” Damon asked him, just to break the silence. Really the silence and the way Mikkel looked at him was starting to get on his nerves. Damon could tell Mikkel saw the texts Samuel Avery had sent him. He knew Mikkel had seen them back in Aiden’s office. So far Mikkel hadn’t said a word about them.

“I’m always packed,” Mikkel said.

“Is that a bodyguard thing or whatever it is you do when you aren’t guarding my body?”



Damon walked over to the dresser and picked up another shirt. He walked back to the bed and folded it. “Those papers that Aiden showed you,” Damon started to say, but Mikkel cut him off.

“I don’t want to talk about those just yet, Damon.”

Well, that answered the one question he had. He couldn’t keep the tears from gathering in his eyes even if he tried.

“I didn’t give him your name. I don’t know how he knows about you. I wouldn’t have done that on purpose,” Damon said even as he folded another shirt and put it in his bag. He could barely see what he was doing passed the tears in his eyes. It was mostly by feel that he was packing at this point.

“I know. You were being recorded the entire time you were in that cell,” Mikkel said. Damon looked over at him. Mikkel’s arms were at his sides now.

Damon felt the weight of what he had done on his chest. If Mikkel died it would be his fault. “Oh God, I’m so sorry,” he said, but he wasn’t sure who he was talking to. He shut his eyes, trying to get away from the fact that he had endangered him, who had only helped him to be safe and secure in his own life.

He felt arms come around him. His body tensed, not wanting Mikkel’s sympathy right now. He didn’t deserve it.

“It’s not your fault. None of what the other Avery Brother is doing is your fault.”

“You’re wrong. It is my fault. All of it is my fault.”

“Look at me,” Mikkel said in that no-nonsense tone he always used.


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