Right Side Up (Saint Lakes #3) - Excerpt

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Shawn was acutely aware of every single move Gabriel made. Even as he stepped off the porch and walked across the lawn. The closer he came, the more those coils inside Shawn’s body wound up tight, and his hands shook.
 Fuck. What was happening to him that he acted like a lust-crazed lunatic every time Gabriel came close? He invaded Shawn’s space. So much so, that he felt chest muscles against the side of his arm. Gabriel sniffed his hair and made a noise that wasn’t quite a growl but came close to that sound.
Shawn closed his eyes, because if the big werewolf was going to eat him, then he didn’t want to see it.
“I won’t hurt you on purpose.”
“So you keep saying, yet here you are, sniffing me to make sure I’m not spoiled food.” Shawn probably shouldn’t poke the wolf, but there was something about Gabriel that made Shawn run his mouth all the time. Probably his rebellious nature fighting with the instinct to do whatever Gabriel said.
He felt the quick puffs of air move the strands of his hair as Gabriel chuckled. “If I wanted to eat you I would have already.”
Hm, that was true. “Then why are you doing that?”
Gabriel took a deep breath in, practically inhaling Shawn. Shawn felt Gabriel rub his face across the side of his head, disturbing the strands of hair. “I don’t want a mate,” Gabriel whispered even as he sucked air through his nose. “Fuck, you smell good.”
“I feel like I should apologize for both of those things,” Shawn whispered back and found those coils tightening even more. Shawn looked at Gabriel out of the corner of his eyes and then turned his head to look directly at him a second later. The hardness in Gabriel’s face softened just a tad, and those coils pulled tighter. “Your eyes change a lot.”
“Can’t help it. It’s the mating pull.”
“Mating pull?”
“Doesn’t matter what it means. I won’t act on it.”
“Why is that?”
Gabriel took a step away from him then. “You ask too many questions.”
“Questions you don’t answer. All this wolf shifter stuff is so confusing.”
“The less you know the better.”
Shawn narrowed his eyes and then brought the cigarette to his lips. He flicked the lighter until a small flame bloomed. Cupping his hand around the flame, he sucked on it until the end glowed orange. He breathed in, letting the nicotine run through his body, loosening all those coils with a warm, smooth easiness.
Gabriel growled. “Just don’t take that fucking shit in the cabin. And take a shower when you’re through. Damn it.” Gabriel turned, walking away from him and sneezed. “I’ll be sneezing for days now. Just what I fucking need.”
When Shawn heard the vehicle start up, he walked as far away from the house as possible while remaining in the yard and put the cigarette out in the grass.


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