Germ (Demon Elite #6) - Available On Amazon Today!

If you haven't read the Demon Elite Series, you can get the first 6 books all bundled together as a set.

If you have read them all then book Six is out and it's a good one. Don't miss Germ's story. It's available today on Amazon!

Germ is a charming, flirtatious genius behind a computer screen, but when he has to converse face-to-face, he’s an awkward mess.

Jeremy Russell has always compensated for his weirdness by making jokes, usually at inappropriate times. All his friends call him Germ, after all. Give him a computer and he’s happy most days. Then he meets Reggie Mize and discovers an attraction he just can’t ignore.

Reggie has gone his entire life without really knowing love. His sister, Victoria, certainly doesn’t love him, considering she tried to sell him to the highest bidder. When Jeremy starts paying attention to him, he’s not sure how to get over his shyness long enough to hold a conversation, not to mention ask the man on a date. Can both men get over their awkwardness long enough to make it work?


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