Germ (Demon Elite #6) - Available Now!

Jeremy Russell has always compensated for his weirdness by making jokes, usually at inappropriate times. All his friends call him Germ, after all. Give him a computer and he’s happy most days. Then he meets Reggie Mize and discovers an attraction he just can’t ignore.

Reggie has gone his entire life without really knowing love. His sister, Victoria, certainly doesn’t love him, considering she tried to sell him to the highest bidder. When Jeremy starts paying attention to him, he’s not sure how to get over his shyness long enough to hold a conversation, not to mention ask the man on a date. Can both men get over their awkwardness long enough to make it work? 

   Germ sat on a stool at the kitchen counter, licking cookie dough batter off a spoon. Okay, so he wasn’t just licking it, he was making love to it. The dough was good, but Crash kept glaring at him every time he made a sex noise.
   Crash sat on the couch, Elijah sitting next to him, tucked in all nice and tight.
   Germ grinned and looked at Crash out of the corner of his eyes. He made another noise that sounded like he was rimming someone and loving it.
   “My mother is right there.” Crash held out an arm, pointing two of his fingers in Barbara’s direction.
   “What? It’s cookie dough.”
   “Stop it or I’m gonna kick your ass.”
   “Chester James,” Barbara admonished with just that one word. “Thank God Alex stepped out. He’d probably faint from hearing you two. He’s a bit more sensitive about stuff like this than I am, so remember that when he comes back.”
   “Yes, ma’am. But he’s not here now, and you’re used to it so…” Germ began moaning again, licking up the entire spoon.
   Crash narrowed his eyes, but then his lips turned up at the corners as if he’d been holding back his amusement up to that point, but some spilled out. “The way you eat it, it’s like the inside of Reggie’s asshole,” Crash said.
   “Really, Crash. Your mom is right. There is no need to talk about such things,” Germ batted his eyelashes at him as if he were a southern bell at the grand ball and had just heard the most ridiculous thing. “It’s just cookie dough.”
   “Right, I’m the pervert. You’re the one thinking of Reggie’s ass now.” Crash got a slow smile on his face. That look always meant Crash knew something Germ didn’t, and he should proceed with caution.
   Except proceeding with caution wasn’t something Germ did well. He also couldn’t keep his mouth shut when it was in his best interest to do so. “It’s a fine ass. I’ve looked lots of times.” Germ shrugged.
   “Oh.” That single word from Reggie’s mouth made Germ’s face feel hot with embarrassment.
   “Shit.” Germ looked up at Reggie, who was standing at the top of the stairs, his face so pink Germ thought he was going to faint. Germ put the spoon on the counter and stood.
   When Crash chuckled, Germ flipped him off.


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