Throwback Thursday - Places Like Home (PIckleville #7)

One year ago today Places Like Home came out. This standalone story is part of the Pickleville Series and tackles some deep subject matter, like what kind of emotional trauma comes with having a stalker. It also has one of my favorite characters in it. Jackson is so blonde and dreamy. You'll love him!

Running away from his problems isn’t an option anymore.

For three years, Dakota Weaver has done nothing but run from a man that wants to hurt him. He changes his name and takes a job as far away from the last place he lived as he could get. The Heath’s are great people and he loves his job. It reminds him of the home he left behind all those years ago. Dakota has looked over his shoulder for far too long and has come to the end of his rope.

The first time Jackson sees Dakota on his best friend, Travis Heath’s farm, he wants the man. All of Jackson’s flirting gets him nowhere with the man though. Jackson overhears a telephone conversation Dakota has with his brother and gets a whole new perspective on Dakota’s life and what it’s really like.


Jackson rubbed a hand up and down Dakota's back, holding him as close as possible. "It's all right, baby. We've got your back now."

Andrew talked about how Fullman was dangerous and had raped in the past, although he didn't say who got hurt. By the way Dakota stiffened up his body, Jackson figured out really quickly who it was.

"You want to lie down, Dakota?" Jackson whispered to him.

Dakota nodded against his chest but didn't let up his hold.

Jackson got Travis' attention and made a hand gesture to the upstairs, silently saying he was taking Dakota up there. Travis nodded and looked at Dakota with sympathy before pulling Jaron closer to his side.

Jackson walked Dakota up the stairs and went into a room he usually used whenever he stayed overnight there. He had a room at the main house, too. He rarely stayed at his own house anymore.
Jackson led Dakota to the bed. He pulled back the blankets and then encouraged Dakota to lie down. Jackson sat on the side of the bed in front of him and ran the back of his finger down Dakota's cheek, feeling the stubble that was beginning to grow. Jackson had always found hair on a man attractive, and Dakota's was no exception.

This no flirting thing wasn’t an easy accomplishment.

Jackson should not be thinking about sex right now. It was the last thing Dakota needed from him. At the moment, he just needed a friend, and Jackson would give him that for as long as he wanted it. 


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