The Demon Elite Men - Ashley (Demon Elite #5)

Ashley (Demon Elite #5)

Ashley Wilkins is just a farm boy who joined the military right out of high school. Getting off the farm was his main motivation for joining. It turned out he was pretty good at interrogating prisoners of war, which turned out to be a nice way of saying torture whoever the government told him too. Luckily Justin recruited him and he became a Demon Elite member, which didn't involve the torture that made him feel like a monster. Still, what's done is done and he can't change his past.

Iain Liron is a recovering drug addict that wants nothing more than to live a peaceful, drug-free life. Unfortunately, his brother Raven has a very dangerous job that spills over onto Iain. Iain gets kidnapped and tortured by his brother's ex-boss. 

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