Growing Up.

Bronwyn Heeley and I are sharing a bit about ourselves. When you're finished reading about me growing up on a farm in the midwest (Yeah, sorry. I got nothing exciting about my childhood), go read Bronwyn's blog about her childhood.

So Growing Up? Family?

Like I said already I don't have a very exciting story. My parents were divorced when I was very younger. As a result, my family expanded to include many siblings: Five sisters and two brothers. In my family, step-siblings and step-parents aren't a thing. Family is family and that's just the way it is. Having said that, no my biological parents didn't give birth to all those kids. Lucky for them, they had help.

Being a child who comes from a divorce, isn't an easy thing. As any kid out there and he/she will tell you the same thing. Hell, some of them even have horror stories and I'm no different. I will say that despite the kinks we've all managed to work it out enough. I can safely say, I'm content with my family dynamics.

As I mentioned above, I lived on a farm most of my childhood. We lived next to my grandparents and uncle. I was lucky because growing up on a farm gave me an appreciation for all things outdoors. I used to play in the woods surrounding the farm. I helped harvest and take care of the animals. It was a fun way to grow up. I mean, not having video games or cable television does have it's perks. I've had to learn how to make my own fun and perhaps that's why I write. 


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