Where I Live and what's it like

If you've read my books then you know that the settings are usually always small towns and they're also almost always by the water. The reason for this is because I live in a small town and less than ten minutes from one of the biggest lakes in the entire world. I've lived in Southwest Michigan my whole life so it's really all I know.

I probably could write a series about five friends who meet at a big city coffee house with some believability or about a family who raises their children in New York City or someplace equally as populated. I could research and ask someone who was doing this to create some believeability. I won't ever do that because I love where I live. It's a tourist destination and many people from Chicago come to get away from the big city bustling lifestyle.

Beyond the beauty of the lake, I'm also blessed to live in what is commonly referred to as the Fruitbelt. We can grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. As it's summer here, I'm started to really enjoy the some of the earlier harvested crops, such as strawberries and green peppers.

I try to incorporate as much of the farming culture and the lakes in my books as possible. All of my books have at least some element of small town, farming, or lake life.

Please visit Bronwyn Heeley's blog and learn about where she lives and how it affects her writing. https://bronwynheeley.blogspot.com/

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