Updated: What's in Store for the Rest of 2016

It's been such a long time since I've updated everyone on what I'm working on and what I have planned. So here goes:

Ashley (Demon Elite #5) is the next book I have coming out. The Release Date is August 12, 2016 on eXtasy Books.

Saving Iain means finding a small bit of redemption, but what Ash gets instead is so much more.

 Ashley Wilkins has done some bad things, torturing people until they give him the information he wants, but all that was in his past. Making amends for all those wrongdoings will never happen. He knows that, but that doesn’t stop him from trying, which is why he takes a break from interrogation to save Iain Liron’s life. Iain is a recovering drug addict who understands all too well what finding forgiveness means. Can he make Ash see that he’s more than just his past sins?

You'll get a Demon Elite book every month from now on so visit http://www.extasybooks.com/ to find them and some of my other titles.

Right Side Up (Saint Lakes #3) is coming to you sometime later this year, so be sure to look for that.

Finding out paranormal creatures exist is one thing, but learning he’s mated to a grouchy wolf shifter who doesn’t even like him is just the icing on his crap cake.

Shawn Bell is just a college student who just wants a little bit of fun on occasion. He’s not sure how his fun nights lead him to vampires that use him for his blood, and he has no blooming clue how his best friend, Lucas, gets involved. Now he’s caught up in a war between vampires and shifters.

Gabriel Somerset wants a mate about as much as he wants to investigate a vampire coven for his alpha, which is not at all. He makes his feelings very clear to Shawn, expecting his little human mate just to accept the fact that they’ll never bond. It turns out Gabriel’s mate is a little spitfire, which is something Gabriel finds attractive about him.

I also have a spin-off series of Saint Lakes called Wingspan coming out this year. The first book will be released around Christmas time. Each book will have feature a dragon shifter. For those of you who read my books and are friends with me on facebook, you know how much I love dragon's so I'm looking forward to this series.

I also have a Novella coming out October 31, 2016. It's a BonyDee Challenge story in a series called Flipped. It will be based on the Samhain solstice. There'll be some sexy farmers and a few Faeries along with them, so be sure to look for that.


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