The Men of Demon Elite - Tanner & Shade

 Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4) is an M/M/M Contemporary Romance.

When Shade was a teenager he watched his entire family die in a fire. That one experience changed how he relates to dangerous situations, especially when it comes to his loved ones, which is why he freaks out every time he's on a mission with Tanner. He doesn't want the man he loves injured. His protective instincts also extend to Finn O'Reilly, which is how he knows he's in a little too deep with the blond cutie.
Tanner also has a tumultuous past. While in the military, he became a prisoner of war. The trauma of the experience has left him mute, which can be a bit frustrating for him when talking to someone who doesn't know sign language. He's a good teacher, though. Every member of the Demon Elite team has learned it. Finn asks to learn it, which allows them to spend some time together. Tanner quickly learns there's just something about Finn that attracts him. Tanner and Shade have a lot to talk about.

Finnigan O'Reilly has always looked out for his mother, who hasn't made the best life choices. His mother marries a man that is a big narcissist jerk, who wants Finn out of his way. His step-father pays someone to kidnap Finn so he's out of the way. Finn's older brother Liam is the one that cares about him enough to go after him. Lucky the Demon Elite team get there before any real damage can be done. Well, any real physical damage. Without giving spoilers away from book two in the Demon Elite Series, let us just say Finn has a few things to work out, which he doesn't do in the best way. Falling for Shade and Tanner, two men who are in a commitment to each other is just one of the mistakes he makes.

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