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The next installment in the Demon Elite series is available today!

Finnigan O’Reilly is a magnet for all the wrong men and this time he has really screwed up when his attraction involves two men in a relationship…with each other.

Finn made a big mistake once and he’s still paying for it. Not only was the man already married to someone else, turns out, he’s also a psychopath who is still hunting him. He thinks he’s safe enough at the lakehouse mansion, though. After all, he does live with a group of assassins and each one would do just about anything to protect him, especially two very special men that Finn should not be looking at with dreamy eyes. When his past catches up with him in a local park, its Shade and Tanner to his rescue. He doesn’t intend to make the same mistake twice, but intentions go right out the window when it comes to these two Demon Elite members.


Chapter One
Being the third wheel on his brother’s date was an all-time low for Finn. The park was perfect for having lunch, though. This was actually a good idea, and Finn gave props to Wolf for thinking of it. It would have been romantic but, yeah, the third wheel thing sort of killed that for them.
   Still, the sun warmed his skin just enough to provide comfort, and the sky was clear. Minus the damn bee that kept flying around his head, it was perfect. He waved his hand at the bug when it buzzed close to his ear. Fucking bug. When the thing wouldn’t go away, he looked around for something to kill it with. Annoy me and you shall die.
   Why Finn turned evil all of a sudden, he didn’t know, but focusing on the bug was better than watching Wolf make out with his brother, which was all kinds of disgusting. Finn untied his shoe, prepared to use it as a weapon of bee destruction. He took it off, holding it in his hand, staying as still as a statue, waiting for the bee to settle somewhere.
   It landed on his leg a second later and Finn finally got a good look at the thing. He watched it. The back half of the little guy’s body lifted and then fell again. “Well, aren’t you kinda cute? Plus, there’s no telling where the bottom of my shoe has been. I’m not sticking that thing on my leg. You, little buggy, I don’t mind. But bacteria scare me.”
   “This is the beginning of you losing your shit over Mom’s death, isn’t it?”

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