What Can I Do?

So I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled post to talk about the Orlando shooting for a moment. I think at this point, everything that can be said was, repeatedly. I have nothing new to add to the conversation. And frankly, I'm ready to take action the only way I know how. By writing.

I've already written letters to the political people who supposedly run this country. I asked them for better laws so that we as a nation can control the guns that get distributed to the wrong people. I'll keep writing letters until something happens too.

I keep thinking about the mother going to Pulse to look for her son. Her son was one of the victims that lost his life. I think about her because I have a son too. As a mother, I completely get it. I'd be down there looking for him, ready to fight anyone that got in my way if needed. Hell, her boy wasn't even my kid and my blood is boiling for a fight.

By writing my congressmen that's what I'm doing, fighting for all the victims. Each email I send is another step in the right direction. Each time I vote the hateful people out of office is a step closer to peace for our sons and daughters.

Please, write your congressmen. Let's get the laws changed. Let's vote and get people in there that actually give a damn.

And let's make the injured victims, the friends and family that much easier. If you're a writer, contribute a short story to Ride the Rainbow. All the details can be found on the facebook page here: Ride the Rainbow Facebook Page.


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