Top 10 Author's Bucket List- One Year Later

Exactly One year ago today I posted this. I thought I'd update the list, saying which ones I've accomplished and what I didn't. So I guess this is a year in review. My reflects will be in italics.

1. Okay, I know this is going to be so clique but I really want to get a print copy of just one of my books. I want to hold and love it and squeeze it. Who doesn’t want to hold tangible evidence of their accomplishment?

Accomplished: In fact, several of my books are available in print. Books 1-3 in the Pickleville Series, The Journey of Jimini Renn, and Books 1 and 2 of the Saint Lakes series. I also have an Anthology in print that includes author Bronwyn Heeley.

2. Going to a conference as an author. I did manage to get a golden ticket to GRL just recently though.

Accomplished: I went to GRL 2015 and had a blast. However, I'm taking this year off conferences. Life happened this year. I want to attend at least one conference in 2017. Probably Rainbow Con. It sounds fun and informative so look for me there July 2017.

3. Going to EuroPride. I’ve made some really great friends in the short time that I’ve been published, none more special than the ones I’d meet at this conference.

Not Yet.

4. Meeting Andrew Grey. I’m going to fangirl all over him when I finally do get to check this one off. The poor man.

Accomplished: And Oh my God is he just a wonderful person. If you get a chance to be in the same space he is, go up to him and say hi. He's really great!

5. Finally meeting my reading buddies face to face. I have belonged to a reading group for over ten years now. It would be amazing if we could all get together someday.

Half-Accomplished: I met my very good friend Hayley at GRL. In fact, we traveled together. She is a wonderful person and so much fun!

6. I want to go to Australia. This might not seem like a literary goal but Bronwyn Heeley is in Australia and one of my best friends. She's also an amazing writer!

Not Yet. But skype is great so I do get to talk with Bronwyn face to face.

7. I want to get Carol Lynne to autograph a book for me. Any book of hers, it doesn’t matter which one.

Sort of Accomplished: I met her and she was so wonderful I forgot to ask for her autograph. Next time I see you, Carel Lynne, I'll remember.

8. I want to autograph one of my books for someone. It doesn’t matter for whom.

Accomplished: And it's kinda weird. I mean a part of me thinks, "why would you want my autograph?" every time I sign a book. I can say that it's fun meeting everyone and getting to talk to people while I'm signing though. Well, at least at conferences. I also sign review copies of my paperback books.

9. I’d like to go on a writer’s retreat someday. They sound relaxing and being around other authors would be really cool. Although, we probably wouldn’t talk to each other much, just sit around and write in the same general space.

Not Yet.

10. I want to go to Camden, New Jersey. Walt Whitman is buried there and he’s a favorite author of mine.

Not Yet.



Hayley said…
It was a blast and it was so awesome meeting you face to face! I thought it'd be weird but it was just like we'd been hanging out irl all this time instead of emails and chatting! I'm all set for a road trip lol we should plan one for 2017 and knock off some more bucket list items!
April Kelley said…
I would love that! We definitely should. But first we have to decide who gets to be Thelma and who gets to be Louise. lol

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