The Men of Demon Elite - Wolf

Installment Number Two of the Demon Elite Men. 

Wolf is the mother hen of the group. He takes care of others and definitely cares about them in more of a paternal manner. His real  name is Spencer Ross. The nickname, Wolf, came about because of the way he prefers to hunt the bad guys. Wolf likes to work in a group. Actually, he likes to live in a group as well and several of his teammates lived with him, even before they moved headquarters to the Lakehouse.

Liam O'Reilly does not back down from a fight. He a tenacious man in just about everything he does. He feels very protective of his younger brother, Finn. Growing up, Liam and Finn have had to stick together because their mother was neglectful and their stepfather just didn't care them. When Finn goes missing he goes after him, which just lands him into trouble. Wolf is the man that saves Liam's life but not before Liam gets a punch in.


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