The Men of Demon Elite - Cosmo

Cosmo had a rough childhood. His mother and step-father were drug addicts that used him to get money to feed their habit. Because of his crappy childhood, he's honed his skills of breaking & entering. His incredible ability lands him a position on the Demon Elite team. Before Demon Elite started working in the private sector, they worked for the government. When the discovered the agency leader, Victoria Mize, was working for the bad guys they left. Derek Kyle is still part of their old government agency and Cosmo is assigned the task of finding out if he's working with Mize. To do so he has to breaking into Derek's home and agency office. There's only one little problem: Cosmo has always lusted after Derek.

When Demon Elite leaves the agency Derek knows something is up. Then a few members of his team of investigators start acting weird and he figures out really quickly that it all centers around his boss, Victoria Mize. He's discreetly been investigating Mize but so far hasn't come up with any substantial information. He needs Demon Elite's help if he wants to get his team back on track. The only problem: he has to ask Cosmo, a man that broke into his office, for help. He thinks Cosmo is just a common criminal that got a lucky break once. He finds out there's more to the attractive blond man that he originally thought.


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