Team Demon Elite - Crash

So I thought I'd start a little thing for the Demon Elite series. Sort of like I did for the men of Pickleville, which is a page on this blog. My plan is to tell a little bit about each Main Character in the books. I'll start with Crash (Demon Elite #1).

Crash is an assassin for the Demon Elite team. He's the guy his boss, Justin, goes to when he wants someone taken out quickly, with no questions asked.

His real name is Chester James Morgan. He's a mama's boy at heart and his very protective of her. He's protective of everyone he loves actually which is a quality that causes him problem's in the book. He falls hard and fast for Elijah Spade, and that leads him down a road to questioning everything and everybody he's every worked for.

Elijah has a very shitty family. He's related to the bad guys from the Lakehouse Security series. His Uncle is Phillip Avery, who was the founder of the compound that held Aaron, Zach, and Jacob prisoner. They all had to be rescued by the Lakehouse Security team. Elijah was also rescued by them and is a secondary character in book 3 (Silent Love) & Book 4 (Locke's Love). In Crash we find out a lot more about him, including the fact that he's stuck in an impossible situation, being forced to participate in kidnappings. Elijah is a lot braver than he gives himself credit for, putting himself in harms way for a complete stranger. He's just as brave as any of the Demon Elite team members.


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