Pickleville Bundle 1-5

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When we first meet Jaron he is a disillusioned eighteen year old boy who just graduates high school. He feels trapped in his small town and earns to get out and see a little of the world. He finds out the city isn't all it's cracked up to be either. Some people just don't get the break they deserve.

He does find his heart in the city though, when his friend gets pregnant he becomes a father. Bobby is the center of Jaron's world and he would do anything for his son. Including, move back to the one place he didn't want to be.

In high school, Travis is the town's athletic star, the boy every girl wants to be with and has been with, and really fun at a party. When his father passes, he takes responsibility and begins managing the family farm, not having much time for anything else.

He has experienced attractions to both men and women but has never really explored his bisexual nature to its fullest. When he meets Jaron and Bobby he falls hard, just like a good cowboy should.

Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell got a lucky break early as a teenager. He was able to get away from his parents and the physical abuse he suffered as a kid. Travis Heath taking him in was life changing. Growing up on a farm and gaining a job he loves means everything.

Greg is in school to become a large animal vet, which is why is nickname is Doc. Traditional classroom learning comes very easy for him so college is a smooth ride, although long. He pretty much helped his best friend Kyler graduate. In return Kyler helps Greg lighten up.

Even as a teenager he had a crush on Brian Stockwell but a threat his father made years ago keeps him from really pursuing anything real.

 Brian Stockwell
Brian is Jaron's best friend, even after Jaron left town. Jaron leaving spurs him to leave that nice closet he puts himself in. After that Brian is one of the only out and proud citizen's of Pickleville. He has a crush on Jackson, but gets a little cock-blocked by Bobby/Carter Heath. Even despite this crush they remain friends, although there are some benefits attached.
Brian is used to getting what he wants and having things come easy to him. Little does he know he has an admirer that he doesn't know anything about. Although one drunken conversation at a party clues him in really quickly. He likes the admiration-who wouldn't-but isn't ready for a relationship.


Andrew Martinez has been a homicide detective in Chicago for several years. He's lived with his mother far longer than any grown man should. Feeling a little trapped by his demanding job and family, he makes a bold decision and moves to the small town of Pickleville, taking the Chief of Police job.

He met Jaron McAllister-Heath several years ago when the mother to Jaron's son gets murder. Staying in touch through-out the years, the two men become close friends. He meets Kyler at a party and sparks fly.


Kyler is the product of a single parent household, never having known his father. When Kyler was young his mother died, leaving him with the only relative he had ever known. He moves to Pickleville with his aunt, who was neglectful and Kyler was largely left on his own a lot. Kyler wasn't very good in school due to a learning disability that was never diagnosed properly. His best friend Greg helps him in school a lot. By the time he gets into high school he gets a job at a Hessing's Garage, working for Royce Hessing, who is like a father to Kyler. Kyler works his ass off to get what he has, buying his own house at a very early age. He comes off as a very extroverted, fun-loving spirit but he has a big heart that is easily broken.

Kendrick Kendrick is the owner of TJs bar, the only bar in Pickleville. He came to Pickleville years ago after he got out of an abusive relationship. Thank God for his cousin Royce or he wouldn't have been able to leave Randall. Even though he got out of a bad situation the bad situation has left him with a few mental and emotional problems. While he things Brad is the hottest thing to ever walk into his bar, he has a hard time getting past the violence he sees that day when Brad saves a friend from getting raped in the bar's bathroom. 

Brad is the high school bully from book one and the homophobe who takes a baseball bat to Jaron. That's how he's first introduced anyway, but there is more to Brad than just those two things. Turns out Brad had a really crappy childhood, with a pedophile for a father. Turns out attacking Jaron might just be the best thing that ever happened to him. While in prison he got sober and he got therapy.

While some of Brad's qualities don't exactly give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, he does have a soft spot for a few people in his life, like his two brothers.


Luis is the middle brother of the Flynn family. The oldest brother, Brad, has his own story called A Tarnished Truth. It's book 4 in the series. The youngest, Caden, gets his story in book 8. All three brothers have taken care of each other for most of their lives. Their mother died when they were all very young and their dad was a very abusive alcoholic. Unfortunately, Brad received most of the abuse. When their father made an attempt to go after Luis when he was just thirteen years old, Brad took both Luis and Caden, the youngest brother away, creating a home with just the three of them.

While Luis' life is much better he still carries the physical and emotional scars from his past.


Royce Hessing has made a life for himself in Pickleville. He owns the auto garage in town and used to own the bar too, although he sold that to his cousin, Kendrick. He loves his family and would to anything for them. He considers Kyler and Luis, the two men that work for him, to be family. He's in his forties and set in his ways, not willing to bend for very many people.


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