Running Out of Moonlight

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They thought finding each other would heal them both, but life in Saint Lakes doesn’t make it that simple. 

Sage Rickman changed the day vampire’s kidnapped him and decided to use him as their plaything. Now that he’s back in Saint Lakes he should feel safe, right? Hallucinations and the constant paranoia made daily life impossible at times. Peace of mind is an elusive creature. Finding out he has a mate that’s feral scares the crap out of him. His mate, Garridan, needs him to be normal, but he doesn’t even know what that looks like anymore. 


Sage felt Garridan squeeze his hand and his heart jumped in his chest. Garridan opened his eyes slowly, sort of blinking a few times, getting used to the light that shone down on them from the ceiling. Their eyes met and some of the fear left his body. He physically relaxed just a little. They weren’t his dragon’s eyes so that helped ease some of the fear. It told Sage that Garridan wasn’t thinking about mating right then.
Garridan’s eyes were a piercing green so mesmerizing that Sage couldn’t look away even if he wanted to.
“Mate,” Garridan whispered. His voice was deep and had just enough gravel in it to indicate just how unused it had been in recent years.
“Are you thirsty? Hungry? Can I get you anything?” Sage said, getting up off the bed.
Garridan held his hand firmly, not letting go. “Mate.”
Sage smiled. “That’s right. Although, my name is Sage.”
Garridan scowled as if he didn’t understand. Sage sat back down.
It had to be tough on Garridan, waking up in a strange place and then finding out he had a mate the second he did. Garridan probably would need some help shuffling through all the confusion.
Sage tried to pull his hand away again, but Garridan held him firm. Garridan pulled Sage forward and he lost his balance. The next thing he knew he was lying underneath him. Sage had been in a position similar to this one before and that memory came flashing back to him now.
“Mate. Mate,” Garridan growled out, his eyes changing to his dragon’s then. When they did, Sage panicked.

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