#MySexySaturday - A Sexy Dance (eBook Giveaway)

Okay, so maybe the main characters in The Journey of Jimini Renn don't actually physically cut up on the dance floor, but they do dance around each other quite a bit. Jimini and Aaruth can't quite decide of forming a romantic relationship is a good idea or not.

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The Journey of Jimini Renn


In a world without surface water, Jimini Renn wants nothing more than to live inside the protective walls of Adam City for the rest of his life, but his little brother has other ideas. 

As far as Jimini is concerned, Adam City has everything he needs. It has a well that provides much-needed water, food, and safety from the dangers of the outside world. When his bookworm of a brother leaves to chase waterfalls, Jimini must follow even though he knows it will probably mean his death. When the first person he meets on the outside pulls a gun on him, he’s proven right. No one who calls himself a slaver and has a gun has Jimini’s safety in mind, even if he is sexy. The journey Jimini expects isn’t the one he gets.


“You do realize that you bent over like that, exposing your bare ass to me is not a deterrent in any way,” Aaruth said.
Jimini turned around and looked at him. Aaruth naked was even better than Jimini had pictured. He was chiseled in all the right places and lean around the waist. Jimini wanted to touch him but didn’t. He noticed the wound on Aaruth’s side was red and scabbed over. He’d have a nasty scar but otherwise, would probably survive just fine. Aaruth had a trail of dark hair that went from his belly button and fanned out at his groin. His cock hung, long and thick between his legs. It seemed to be thickening even as Jimini stared at it.
Jimini put his hands over his cock when his started to get hard.
“I won’t touch you if you don’t want me too. You know that.”
“I do know that. That is not why I’m covering myself.”
“Then tell me why?”

“I’m not as…large as you. You’ll find me lacking,” Jimini whispered and looked away.

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