Fab Friday-The UPs and the DOWNs of the WIP

I know it's not Friday yet but sometimes Friday needs to come early so in the spirit of all things weekendy (Yes, that's my new word for the day) I'm skipping Thursday and moving right on along.

Bronwyn Heeley and I are answering each other's questions this week, instead of blog swapping. This week it's about the Work in Progress.

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I'm almost finished with Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4). My wonderful editor will be happy to know that I'll be turning it very soon. (Monday at the latest, Laura. I promise and I really mean it this time. Honest. I swear.)

Cons: This book involves three men. Yes, family members who read my blog posts sometimes, I said three men. Each man has a different personality and a different past, so making sure to give each person a unique voice is important. It's also quite a challenge at times. One of the men, Tanner, can't speak so giving him a voice is proving to be a bit challenging because his speaking parts have to be in italics and somethings having too many italicized words can be an eyesore. Finding new ways to show him communicating has been an interesting writing exercise.

Here's a little snippet of what I'm talking about with Tanner's communication. (Unedited)

If Tanner could get his voice to actually work then he’d be golden. Every time he tried the words got stuck in his throat and he choked on them. The limitations his mental psychosis put on his ability to communicate effectively was frustrating most of the time. Like now when he had to write everything down because even signing wasn’t an option.
 The one person that seemed to be able to read him like a damn book was Shade. Tanner glanced over at Shade and sure enough, he was watching him. Tanner pointed to the road, silently telling him where his eyes needed to be. Shade smirked but did what Tanner said.
“If you want to know what’s going on with me, ask me. Don’t ask the jackass in the backseat.” Shade looked in the rearview mirror. Tanner turned just in time to see Axel flip Shade off. “Fuck you too, asshole.”
“You need to learn how to play nice with your teammates, Shade.”
Shade started to say something but Tanner held up a hand, effectively cutting him off.
No one said a word for several minutes. Instead, they all let the tension grow between them.  It stretched, wrapping them all up in a rubber band, snapping them against each other the more they fought it.
If there was one wish he had in that moment it was not to get involved in whatever was going on but he couldn’t let Shade stew in his juices or someone would get hurt. The most likely victim would be Axel, who had a knowing smirk on his face. Tanner shook his head at the man, letting him know not to play this game.
Axel just winked at him and didn’t say a word.
Tanner turned in the seat again.
Tanner had a feeling whatever problem the two men had with each other, had Finnigan O’Reilly’s name written all over it. And Tanner could bet Finn was as lost in the storm of this mess as Tanner was himself, which just made Tanner feel protective of the little blond man.

So talk to me. Tanner sighed to Shade.

So this was all full of Italics before I rewrote it.

Pros: I love each one of the characters. I loved the challenge this stories giving me. I love writing the Demon Elite books because of the mix of action and romance. For me, mixing the two together is a lot of fun.

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