Crafty Tuesday - Grandma's Afghan

My mom has been going through a few of my grandmother's things since she's passed on. She found a crochet project grandma started but never finished, so I'm going to take over that project. It may be slow going because I may cry through every stitch but I'll get it done.

So this makes me laugh because keeping the pieces in a shoe box that's probably thirty years old is very typical of my grandmother. It used to drive me crazy that she kept everything, but now it just makes me smile.

I believe she intended for the squares to have a border so I'll keep making them until I get enough and then try to decide which color she could have used to go around each square. 

The biggest issue I'm going to have with continuing this is her stitches have always been much nicer than mine so consistency will be hard to achieve.

I'll post the final product once I'm finished.


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