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Cosmo walked out of their room in just a long black trench coat. He passed Liam in the hallway. Liam gave him a funny look and then started to say something.

Cosmo held up his hand and said, “Can’t talk now. I’m on a mission.” Cosmo never stopped walking and Liam fell right into step behind him.

“Do you have pants on underneath that thing?” Liam asked.


“So you’re on a mission to get into Derek’s pants, I take it.”


“Well, you’re off to a good start. But you didn’t think about one thing.”

“What is that?”

“Derek’s in a meeting with Justin, Aiden, and Xander.”

“I texted Derek a second ago and he told me he was done.”

“Well, he was still in Justin’s office last time I was down there. You going to flash everyone in the room?”

“If I have to.”

“Oh man, I want to see the look on Derek’s face when you do.” Liam chuckled and continued to follow him down the hallway where all the offices were.

Cosmo knocked on Justin’s office door and waited. “Really? You’re going to knock and just stand here and wait for the D, all nice and polite like.”

“I don’t have a death wish like you do,” Cosmo said.

“Oh my God, just go in, Cos. If you’re going to get his attention, then make it good.” Liam reached around him and turned the knob on the door, pushing it open.

Cosmo closed it again when he saw Justin’s shirtless chest, Aiden straddling his lap, and they were fucking each other’s faces with their tongues. Cosmo looked at Liam with horror on his face and Liam started laughing.

“I told you. If I go down for interrupting him, I’m taking you with me.”

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