A Change for Demon Elite

Don't worry it's not a bad change.

The Change: So I don't know if you noticed, but there are two months between every Demon Elite release. Well, my publisher and I are ready to increase it to one a month. Tanner & Shade (Demon Elite #4) comes out on July 1st. Ash (Demon Elite #5) comes out August 1st. Germ (Demon Elite #6) comes out September 1st. Etc. Etc.

Also,  So I have 11 more books planned and of those, at least three will involve a menage story. All three love interests will be men. Tanner & Shade will be the first of the M/M/M stories.

If you aren't familiar with the Demon Elite Series here are the books:

Love and danger aren’t supposed to go hand in hand.
Elijah wants to go back to his old life. He never realized just how well his mother kept the rest of his crazy family out of his life until she was gone. His extended family descended on him like the plague and now he’s in some deep trouble. Trouble he can’t get out of, no matter how hard he tries.

Crash Morgan is the guy his boss sends when someone needs to get assassinated. Sometimes the best thing for society is to eliminate the worst that humanity has to offer and Crash is very good at doing that. When he’s sent to interrogate Elijah Spade, he’s a bit out of his element. Talking to the suspect isn’t exactly where he excels. What’s even worse is Crash feels protective of Elijah.

How is he supposed to trust a man who calls himself Wolf?
Liam O’Reilly doesn’t trust anyone, not even his own mother. With good reason too, because he finds out his mother and stepfather pay to have his brother kidnapped and held against his will. Now, all Liam O'Reilly wants to do is save his brother from the people that are hunting him and get them both out of a very messed up situation. He thinks calling the police will help, but it turns out they are the enemy. When the police, who are supposed to protect him, throw him in the jail instead, he thinks all hope is lost, until a man named Wolf shows up. Liam isn’t sure if Wolf is his rescuer or just another bad guy. He can’t trust anyone.

Cosmo knew breaking and entering Derek’s house was probably not the way to win the man’s affection.

 Cosmo Ruckman is very good at breaking and entering. He’s had years of practice, starting from the time he was a child. Despite his criminal past, he manages to earn a spot on the Demon Elite team. Cosmo has had a mad crush on Derek Kyle from the first moment he met him. Since Derek never gave him the time of day, moving on was easy when Demon Elite left the agency. Cosmo hasn’t thought about Derek in months. Now, he’s assigned the task of breaking into the man’s house and office. He just hopes Derek has nothing to hide, because it could mean the man’s death.  

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