Throwback Thursday - Whispers of Home (Pickleville #1)


All Jaron McAllister wanted to do was get out of the small town where he grew up. After being bullied all his life for being gay, that’s exactly what he does. He loses all contact with everyone in the town of Pickleville, including his emotionally distant mother and the only true friend he ever had.

When his best friend and mother of the child they share, get murdered he knows he must ask for help in the one place he thought he would never go back to. Coming back home isn’t easy and finding himself attracted to the town man-slut spells disaster. Travis Heath isn’t at all what his reputation suggests though


It was 2 hours later and he was still upstairs, not even close to done. At least it wasn’t difficult work, just basic cleaning anyone would do in their own house. His biggest problem consisted of not knowing if he should go in a door that was closed, which was why he was standing outside a closed door staring at the handle. He decided to knock. “Hello. Mind if I come in?”

No answer. So he turned the handle and walked in.

“Oh my God.” Travis was lying on the bed that sat in the middle of the room up against the far wall. He was face down, naked as the day he was born. His sexy, muscular ass displayed, like he was in a storefront window at a pornographic department store. Jaron had to adjust the hard-on in his pants and take a deep breath before his brain started functioning again.

So should he leave or continue cleaning? Jaron decided to walk out of the room, except he was walking backwards because, holy shit who wouldn’t want to look at that perfect ass as long as they possibly could. Then he tripped on the big pile of dirty clothes he had stepped over, coming into the room to take a closer look, and fell on his cleaning supplies, breaking the little tote thing Beverly had given him to carry them around in.

The sound of the impact and Jaron’s girly scream as he fell, of course, woke Travis up. Jaron didn’t know how someone could move so fast or when Travis even got off the bed but the man was suddenly beside him asking if he was okay.

“I’m fine. Just my pride hurts.”

Travis chuckled. “What are you doing here?”

“Can we have this conversation when you’re clothed, please?” Jaron looked directly at the man’s gorgeous cock when he said it too. Damn, he wanted a taste. He had no shame when it came to this man. Honestly.

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