Throwback Thursday - The Sum of Everything (Pickleville #2)


Greg Mitchell’s entire childhood was filled with violence and abuse. That was until he came to work on the Heath Farm. His life was forever changed for the better, including meeting Brian Stockwell. From the first moment, Greg met Brian he's been in love.  But a threat his father made four years ago has always held him back from pursuing any real relationship with Brian.  That was until he learns his father is on his deathbed and of no further harm to himself or Brian. 

Greg finds out his family ties are stronger than he thought and they hold Greg back from really getting to know Brian the way he truly wants too.  Both men discover that they have more differences than they originally thought.  


   Greg turned back to the horse he was just putting away, after cleaning her stall. He let the horse in and undid the lead. “There you go, Misty.” Misty sniffed at the fresh pine shavings mixed in with the dirt. “I know. I like it when it’s all clean too. A little OCD though aren’t you, girl,” he said to her and ran a hand down Misty’s neck. The last word sort of tapered off as he got a glimpse of Brian out of the corner of his eye. He looked full on and took in the cowboy hat and matching boots Brian wore. Brian’s wore a pair of chaps, and he was shirtless. The chaps completely covered his legs in the front so Greg couldn’t see Brian’s jeans at all.
   Greg took notice of Brian’s left nipple, which was pierced with a tasteful gold hop through it. Oh God, Brian dressed like that was making Greg hard. Greg couldn’t take his eyes off the man as he sashayed his way to Greg, standing only inches away Brian said, “I’d like to go riding. Which horse would you recommend for a beginner?”
   “Umm . . . probably Smoky,” Greg barely choked out. Greg pointed to Smoky’s stall, which Brian had passed on his way over to Greg. “Umm . . . behind you on the left. Second from the end.”
Brian put a finger on Greg’s chest as if he was tracing some imaginary circle. “Want to come riding with me?”
   Greg didn’t say anything, he just shook his head no.
   “That’s a shame. I was looking forward to your company. Oh well.” When Brian turned, Greg nearly swallowed his tongue. Greg got a clear view of Brian’s naked backside. 
“Jesus Christ. Just chaps, Brian. Really?” he said under his breath as he took in Brian’s bare ass. It was so perfectly round and smooth. Greg wanted to lick up the crack until he tasted Brian’s sweet little puckered hole.
   Leonard came in through the back door, whistling some tone only he knew. Greg ran across the barn and grabbed Brian around the waist. Greg’s front was successfully covering up Brian’s bare ass. Brian let out a little squeal and tried to turn around. His bare ass rubbed against Greg’s hard cock when he tried to turn. “No. Just be still,” Greg said into Brian’s ear. He kissed Brian’s temple almost as if on autopilot. To Leonard, he said, “Hey Leonard, I got the barn chores.”
   “Yeah, I know. I just wanted to make sure that boy of yours was covered. He nearly gave Neil a heart attack when he was walking over.” Greg could tell Leonard wanted to laugh.
   “Shit,” Greg whispered. Louder, he said, “He’ll be covered.”
   Leonard out right laughed at that. “Yeah, I can see that. I’m out of here then.”

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