#MySexySaturday - Our Sexy Vacation

So this week the only book I have that fits this theme isn't out yet. This book will be available May 10th, so look for it on Amazon or follow me on Facebook for all my latest releases. My Facebook Page I'll definitely be blogging about it as well, so come back an visit me here.

The book is set in a time when all of the water on the surface of the earth has disappeared. Jimini lives in a city that has great big walls completely surrounding it, protecting the well in the center of the city. Jimini's impromptu vacation might not be something he wants, but it does turn out to be a sexy adventure.


Jimini has no idea what’s on the outside of the walls of the City, but he’s about to find out

Jimini and his little brother, Aurri, have only ever lived one way, inside the walls of Adam City. Water is scarce and Jimini knows they wouldn’t survive an hour in the desert that lay outside the walls. Aurri has bigger dreams, with his head in a book, he dreams of a life where water is plentiful. When Aurri leaves the safety of the walls, Jimini does the one thing he knows he’ll never come back from. The journey he expects isn’t the one he gets, though. Who knows, maybe Jimini will find what is missing in his life as he embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.


Jimini started moving away from Aaruth again. Aaruth stood up so quickly Jimini wasn’t sure what happened. It wasn’t until Aaruth was surrounding him from behind, holding him so tightly Jimini couldn’t get away even if he wanted to. “You’re saving my life here and the least I can do is return the favor. I can’t let you run out there with no water or food. You’ll die by the end of the day from the heat.”
“Please just let me go. My goal is to find my brother and return to Adam City. I’ll give you all the water you want if you just let me go.” Jimini could go back to the city and get water again, before restarting his journey. It would put him two whole days behind Aurri, but at least he’d be free to save his brother.
Jimini could feel Aaruth breathe against his face and somehow that calmed him a little. It was as if the man’s breath reminded Jimini that he was still a human being with the ability for compassion. Jimini just hoped that Aaruth actually had it.
“Do you know what a slaver does?”
“Only what my friend told me. They take people against their will to a slaver’s auction. And auction them off like they are property.”
“The people I capture do bad things, like steal and cheat people out of water. A slaver is sort of like a bounty hunter. I capture people that did something bad enough to have to work off their sentence, but not bad enough to be put to death. The people I capture pay back what they owe by working. I don’t hurt innocent people, Jimini.”
     Jimini’s body relaxed by a small degree. “Put to death?”


Naomi Shaw said…
I hope Jimmini achieves his goal. Great snippet
Angelica Dawson said…
Scary slavers... Great tease.

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