Cosmo (Demon Elite #3) Excerpt

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Cosmo pulled open the door as far as the chain would allow. “Look, I’ll share whatever information I manage to get.”

“Let me in.” Derek looked nervous. Not that Cosmo worked with Derek a lot, and he certainly didn’t know him all that well, but he had never seen the man look this way before.


“I’m sure they’re tailing me, now let me in before I get shot,” Derek said and Cosmo could see the muscles at his jaw jump around. “You’re probably going to have to move hotels now, by the way.”
Cosmo sighed and shut the door just enough to take the chain off the door. He let Derek in his room. Cosmo bent down and started picking up his clothing that lay all over. He threw away a cup and a protein bar wrapper. He supposed the self-conscious way he was picking up the pigsty his room had become was rather telling. Honestly, the only reason he didn’t want Derek in his room was because of the mess.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect anyone,” Cosmo said and bent down to pick up a shirt off the floor.

“Can you put some clothes on, please?” Derek asked.

Cosmo looked down at the towel around his waist. “I didn’t ask you to come here, Derek. If you don’t like it, then just get out.”

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