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Cosmo knew breaking and entering Derek’s house was probably not the way to win the man’s affection.

Cosmo Ruckman is very good at breaking and entering. He’s had years of practice, starting from the time he was a child. Despite his criminal past, he manages to earn a spot on the Demon Elite team. Cosmo has had a mad crush on Derek Kyle from the first moment he met him. Since Derek never gave him the time of day, moving on was easy when Demon Elite left the agency. Cosmo hasn’t thought about Derek in months. Now, he’s assigned the task of breaking into the man’s house and office. He just hopes Derek has nothing to hide, because it could mean the man’s death. 


“Cosmo Ruckman. I already know it’s you, so just come into my office.” With that, Derek turned around and went into his office once again. “Just so you know, I have some idea of what’s going on. The fact that the entire Demon Elite team pulled out of here was a giveaway that something wasn’t right.”

Cosmo walked down the hall to Derek’s office then. Derek looked up at him. He gave him a look that Cosmo couldn’t decipher. Cosmo stood in the doorway of the office with his arms crossed at his chest and his face as stony as he could make it.

“Justin sent you, right?”

Cosmo nodded his head once, but didn’t say anything.

“You know, what I can’t seem to figure out is whether the dirty ones are your team or someone on my team,” Derek said as he sat back in his chair. “But now you’re here. I guess I got my answer, didn’t I?”

“Good to know that’s what you think of me.”

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