Cosmo Cover Reveal!

A cover reveal with a snippet of the book! Coming to eXtasy Books on May 1st! This is book 3 of the Demon Elite series, so be sure to check out the other 2 books, Crash and Wolf, in the series. Just click above to find out more.


“The Demon Elite tattoo is on your side right? I thought I saw it the other day.”

Cosmo looked at him again. “Yeah. Everyone on the team has one. Why?”

This time it was Derek’s turn to shrug. “Can I see it again?”

Cosmo got off the bed and took a couple steps to Derek. He lifted his shirt up and turned to the side, showing Derek the tattoo that each person on the Demon Elite team had somewhere. It was of a black demon with wings and had their team name underneath. Cosmo’s tattoo was big, covering the entire right side from just a few inches under his armpit to right above his waist. Derek reached out his hand and ran a finger over one of the demon’s wings. Cosmo instinctively moved away when the soft touch started to tickle slightly. He put his shirt down and took a step away.

“Do you have any tattoos?” He asked, wanting to take the focus off himself and the way just that small touch made his cock harden just slightly, not enough to be noticeable, thank god.

“Nope. Not even one. Do you have any more than this one?”

Cosmo clammed up and took another step away. Derek grabbed the waist of his jeans and pulled him closer. He put the file he was reading aside and turned to face Cosmo. “You do have another one,” Derek said and grinned.

“Just drop it, Derek,” Cosmo said and tried to back up, but Derek held on to his jeans with a finger crooked around his waistband.

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