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First of all, I'd like to explain what I mean by challenge, as usually that isn't a word associate with writing at all and this is the blog of a writer. Bronwyn Heeley and I are both authors who have very different writing styles. We are so different, in fact, that there is absolutely no hope of every writing a book together. The first BonyDee Challenge, The Way Life Turns, wasn't intended to be a challenge at all. We were supposed to write a story together, but we're just so very different we decided to turn it into something else entirely. Our differences are something we both like about each other though (I'm a big fan of her books). So instead of saying "We Can't" we said "Let's both write from a similar theme and see what we come up with". It's a way for us to celebrate each other's writing styles and have fun with our own process at the same time.

Check out Bronwyn's friday post and get her thoughts here:

This second BonyDee Challenge will be a bit different. We explore Celtic Mythology and the Seasons.

I should tell you the history of how these challenges came about. So, my brain doesn't shut off the writing thing. Anything and everything can and will be used in a story or to create an idea. So when Bronwyn had some random question about the solstice. I said, "Hey, that would make a good story." I'm not sure what part of our conversation I thought would make a good story or even why Bronwyn asked about the solstice in the first place, but now we have a challenge.

And then we were talking, as we do most days. Even though we're around the world from each other and we're 14 hours apart, we still manage to talk most days. Anyway, We had each don't a bit of research on the solstice by then and realized that it really wasn't the solstice we wanted to write about, but the holidays in between. By doing this we can add in Celtic Mythology just a bit more, which is really the direction we want to take.

The basic premise of the challenge is for both of us to create a story about each of the holidays in between the solstice: Samhain (Halloween), Imbolc (Februrary 2nd), Beltane (May Day), and Lammas (August 1st). Of course for Bronwyn, all of these holidays are the exact opposite of each other as she's in Australia. It would be like this for each of us:

northern hemisphere
southern hemisphere
1 May (May Day)
1 November
1 February
1 August
Lammas / Lughnasadh
1 August
1 February
1 November
1 May

We do have a few rules we each need to follow:


1.      Word count: 20,000

2.      Paranormal romance - M/M

3.      Series:

o   Each book must have a separate couple from the book before it

O   Each couple must be connected to each other

o   Each couple must be in each book(s) that follows

4.      Must focus on the holiday the book represents

5.      Doesn’t have to be Celtic in nature

So comment below with any questions or Email me at, if you'd rather. I'll feature a question every friday starting next week.. I'll also talk about my research a little bit, which will give you some idea which direction I'm going in.


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