BonyDee Challenge - Celtic Mythology Research

So this week's post will feature a little bit of the research I've done so far. The idea is to give you a bit of a taste of what's to come October 31st, when the first book comes out. Plus, this teases Bronwyn Heeley just enough to make it fun for me. Please be sure to check out Bronwyn's blog to find out which direction her research is going.

A Pooka is a shape changing Faery from the other world. He comes mostly at night and can take any shape, although he prefers the shape of a horse or a bear. Samhain is the time of year that it is easiest for them to come from the other world to our world as that's when the gate is the thinnest. At harvest time they are said to defecate in the fields and that's what kills all of the crops. Many farmers don't see this as a bad thing because they have harvested all that they can by October 31st anyway and the dead plants help the spring growth. They see it as the cycle moving around from one stage to the next.


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